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The Story Behind Ubuntu-Kindness
by rhonda zabinsky

When I first heard about townships, I thought of all the other shanty-towns or slums that I have seen around the world. From India, to Latin America, to Hati and Canada.
From a Western, rich perspective, we tend to think that a slum is a bad thing with all of its poverty, filth and crime. Some think about abolishing slums and build anew. However, do we dare to impose our post-colonial ideology on trying to fix what we or former generations created? From my visit to this S. African township, I learned that townships came into being because of Apartheid.

Townships came out of necessity and have become neighborhoods. And although they may not have clean, running water, a proper sewer system in homes or other things we take for granted, I come away from spending some time with people in townships knowing that it is the very people who live there that must chart their own destiny. Although
there are numerous and complex issues involved surrounding poverty, racism and violence amongst other things that hinder people from charting their own destiny, it is vital to look and learn about them. Often these issues are overwhelming for people to watch and open up to let alone live them. Ubuntu-kindness was made to start the dialogue and inform people about township issues in an inspirational and heart-felt way. This film was also made to share Penny and Ella's story. They made my heart smile.

I urge all of you to take a township tour with penny and ella and learn some amazing and inspiring things.

I made Ubuntu-kindness because Penny and Ella inspired and informed me on what is happening during a day trip on a township tour.
I left so inspired by what is possible that I wanted to share Ella's story. If Ella can overcome such challenges, why can't we?
If Ella can make such a difference, shouldn't you and I be able to make a difference?

I left the township knowing that each and every human being has a responsibility to make a positive difference and that we all can.

I urge you to donate to Penny and Ella's work in the township.


If you go to our you tube channel, you will see some new and amazing things Penny & ella are doing.

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penny & ella's website-www.emzinitours.co.za

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