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What Penny and Ella do and How they do it

Penny and Ella ensure that children are able to go to school and that they have what they need to attend school.
And they are simply women who follow their heart and conscience knowing that something needed to be done to make a difference.

Penny and Ella take care of as many animals as they can by feeding, and ensuring animals are fully cared for in a loving and kind manner. They get full veterinary care
and people learn how to treat animals.

Penny and Ella run and operate a soup kitchen where no one is turned away. Everyone gets fed with a smile, respect and inspiration.

Penny and Ella have started a sewing school where women learn to sew so that they can learn to better support themselves financially.
Currently, the sewing classes are once a week but your donation would help them expand this service.

Penny and Ella also run and operate an abuse shelter for women and children. Here there is much love, kindness, counseling and support services.
Women and children get treated for sexual and physical abuse including rape amongst other things like neglect. Often, there are very young children and infants
who have been left on Penny and Ella's doorstep because they are unwanted and because families just can't cope.

Penny and Ella treat everyone respectfully, patiently with love and kindness. These two amazing ladies help however they can. Their services are always expanding
based on the need of the people in the township.

Penny and Ella pay for everything from their own pockets and from any donations received.

All donations are deeply appreciated and will go fully to the above work. 100% of your donations go to penny and ella's certified charity and their work.

Penny and Ella's charity is a registered Non Profit Organization entitled LUKHANYISO SAFE HOUSE with the registration number 082-490-NPO.


penny & ella's website-www.emzinitours.co.za

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