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Your Donations and the Difference they Make

100% of your donations go to Penny and Ella's work in the township. It doesn't matter how much that you give but that you give what you can.
Every dollar has a heart connection and it all makes a huge difference especially where 50% of the population survives on less than $2/day.
Please give what you can.
If you have a specific area that you want your money to go to, please specify where you want your money to go.
By donating via paypal, your donation is secure and your banking information is private. You can also pay via paypal using your visa card.

Why you Should Donate:

Because it feels great!
Because it improves another human's life
Because it saves a life
Because it builds peace
Because it helps a neighbour in another part of our world

Donate Because:
It is good karma for you
No matter where you live or what religion you practice, it is an opportunity to show the world that you believe in what is possible
with love.
Because these people need your help desperately.
Your donation will make a big difference.

Please Donate Now. It is simple, safe and easy with paypal.

We are all connected. And Penny and Ella's work makes a major difference with love. By investing in their work,
you are investing in Peace and hope. Thank you from my heart to yours, Thank you for all the difference you are making :)

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