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Erricsson San Pablo Chu's Bio-

role: "Ubuntu" (kindness) Sound & Video Editor

Ericsson San Pablo Chu is an editor, filmmaker and writer currently living and working in Vancouver. He has studied film at the Vancouver Film School and Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

"Working on 'Ubuntu' (kindness), 'Healing On The Edge' and the complementary 'Harmonie' DVDs with Rhonda Zabinsky has been a great experience. I think it is important to help spread as much information as we can about our influence on the environment and society and vice versa".

Ericsson recently graduated from Emily Carr as a filmmaker and finished his grad project to much success. Ericsson is multi-lingual and has travelled the world.

Ericsson is a filmmakers dream to work with. Ericsson edited all sound (including voice over) and video footage for "Ubuntu" (kindness).

Rhonda J. Zabinsky's Bio-
roles and responsibilities on "Ubuntu" (kindness)-producer/filmmaker

Rhonda J. Zabinsky is a filmmaker who worked previously as a flight attendant and served as a board of director for a multi-billion dollar financial institution, which focuses on social responsibility. Miss Rhonda achieved her goals and mandate during her tenure as board of director at Canada's largest credit union. She then jumped ship with the hopes to make a bigger positive difference, Rhonda took a deep breath and started a whole newcareer path. With this deep breath, lots of hard work and self-discipline Rhonda has created her first feature film "Healing on the Edge and two complementary DVDs Harmonie: body, mind & spirit and Harmonie: health & healing with Feng Shui. These three projects work together to inform, entertain and inspire viewers about cutting edge, sacred (and often secret) holistic health and healing strategies from around the world.


Rhonda visited S. Africa to present "Healing on the Edge", only to find out that the film festival was a sham! In the true filmmaking spirit rhonda has pushed on and made the best of it. She is just in the process of re-editing it. Rhonda met the most exceptional people in S.Africa and learned about its issues and shot her first and most recent documentary short "Ubuntu" or kindness. "Ubuntu" (kindness) reflects a day in a township in S. Africa. "I met the most incredible people that make a difference every day that inspired me to make this film. Maybe something very special will come from my trip to S. Africa, after all, I believe I was meant to come and visit this incredible mother land. And if it wasn't for the film festival that wasn't, I would have never gone to S. Africa. And, I would have really missed out. I look forward to returning to S. Africa again. It is truly one of the most incredible countries that I have ever visited. S. Africa touches your soul when you visit".

Rhonda's philosophy: live, love & laugh to the fullest. Carpe Dieum and Carpe momentum (seize the day and seize the moment). Everyone has an opportunity to make a positive difference and it is our responsibility to make the world a little bit better every day in our own unique way-karma baby! :)

Rhonda's Academic education includes a Master's degree in international conflict analysis and management with a focus on environmental economy. And her undergraduate degree is a double major in art history and international relations with a minor in French. Rhonda lives in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Penny Mainwaring-
Penny comes from Zimbabwe and is a graphic designer. With Ella's personality and Penny's administrative skills, they compliment one another famously and the business runs smoothly. Penny's loves working helping others; she is especially partial to all the animals that need food, health-care and attention in the township.

Ella Mahlulo-
Ella came from the Eastern Cape of S. Africa and was a child laborer under the Apartheid system. When ella wasn't working on the farm she was at home with an alcoholic, single mother. At the age of eight, Ella would walk 15 km each way to school barefoot when she had the opportunity and permission to go to school. It was her dream to become a social worker. And today, ella and penny run and operate emzini tours.

Penny and Ella's Emzini tours take visitors through the Khayalethu township in a professional, safe and personal manner. A township tour is an amazing experience that teaches people about life in a township with its gifts and realities.

Since the start of Emzini Tours, it has always been Ella and Penny's dream to use the tour as a platform for people to give to the people in the Knysna Township. So through the tour we now have four projects: a soup kitchen, where we feed up to thirty children every day and it is growing every day. A Safe House for abused women and children, and Education Fund to help children with schooling and an Animal Welfare project, where we help all the dogs in the township with the assistance of Knysna Animal Welfare.


Penny & Ella-

"Ubuntu" (kindness) shares Penny and Ella's story about their inspiring life journey and gives viewers a glimpse into township life.